iC4C Update

iC4C fit-out continues with audio visual and video racks being delivered and installed and rigging of lighting in Studio 1. Finishing touches are continuing to happen with lights and sound equipment in Studio 2 & 3 and our vinyl thank you wall displaying our main funders is now proudly in place on our foyer wall. It is also delivery chaos with our swanky new hot-desking high chairs, foyer sofa and chair as well as our new comfy meeting room chairs all being delivered and our now in place. More to come…

An Update from A Field of Wheat Project

As well as having spent some time on the farm, in the last few months we created a walking event in London for the Field of Wheat Collective (a group of 42 people from around the world who are invested in Peter’s 22 acre field), tracing the history and evolution of wheat trading from 1600 to the present day. The group gathered at Bear Quay on the River Thames and walked through the city of London visiting key sites, including performing readings at 55 Mark Lane, The old Corn Exchange.

Interview with Gary Clarke and David Severn about their work around Britain's coal industry

The two discuss the parallels in their work, what inspired them and some of the very human stories that they came across during their explorations and research.

Videos now online of Dance Improvisation: The Estranged Cousin Symposium

Sally Doughty (UK)

The symposium focused on the status and perception of contemporary dance improvisation from the perspective of artist, producer and venue. We created a space for open dialogue, conversations and provocations through a range of performative presentations, panel discussions and performances.

The BIG Move

On Friday 13 May, we finally made the BIG move to our new home in Sneinton - the international Centre for Choreography.

It was a sad farewell to College Street Centre, which we called home for four and a half years. We are hugely thankful to our friends at College Street Centre.

Text a £1 for Campaign25

So close in fact, that we believe if everyone who reads this text donates just £1 then we will hit 100% of

Dance4's Silver Edition Summer 2016 Brochure has Landed

This season, there are amazing opportunities to get involved with Fevered Sleep who, along with Dance4, are seeking Community Ambassadors to help connect an exciting new project, Men & Girls Dance to communities in the Snienton and St.

A Night To Remember!

The evening was a huge success and raised


Our Charity Celebration & Benefit Gala is part of Campaign25 - a series of 25 fundraising events to raise £25,000 to move into our new International Centre for Choreography in our 25th year.

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