Nottdance 2013 Press

Evening Post - Streetdance vs Contemporary

Dancers took centre stage and brought the Broadmarsh Centre to a standtsill as part of the annual Nottdance festival. Shoppers stopped to watch a dance-off between street and contemporary dancers on Saturday.

The seven dancers involved, included Nottdance artists who specialise in comtemporary dance, and street dancers from SUBtext and Take 1 based in Nottingham. The 45 minute show included individual and group demonstrations.

If you would like to see the full press coverage on this event from the Evening Post please click the document below

Nottdance 2013 Press

Hucknall Dispatch review 'A Lyrical Dance Concert'

INTERNATIONAL dance artists Gillie Kleiman and Sara Lindstrom will be taking their movement skills to Create Theatre's stage at West Nottinghamshire College next week.

Nottdance 2013 Press

The Vile Blog on 'Assembly' and 'Robert and Maria'

Ever since Brecht banged on about the fourth wall - or perhaps when Aeschylus' chorus first entered and sung to the amphitheatre - the relationship between the audience and performer has been debated. The enthusiasm for You Me Bum Bum Train comes from a fascination with the sheer immersiveness of the production, and even a less controversial show, like Hotel Medea, can pose complex questions about who is the actor and who is the observer.

Nottdance 2013 Press

Carole Edrich reviews Louise Ahl's 'Intercourse'

In talking to Louise I discovered that this work in progress started when she decided to investigate the relationship between critic, artist and audience. I was very lucky to see it as I had expected to have to return to London before it was performed. The work progressed during her residency at Dance4 and was performed at Nottdance on Saturday afternoon.

Nottdance 2013 Press

The Vile Blogs say on Sideways Rain

Minimalism in music and visual art has always been clearly defined, becoming a signature sound or look for certain artists and composers: in dance, it has retained the common meaning, suggesting a lack of  movement. Yet in Sideways Rain, Guilherme Botelho has found a choreographic analogue to the heady vitality of Reich or Glass.


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