CAT Audition Criteria

CAT Audition Criteria

For dance, students should show evidence (as appropriate to their age, experience and dance style) of exceptional potential and commitment.

Audition Criteria

Physicality, facility and technical skills

·    Fundamental body skills (eg, co-ordination, flexibility, mobility, elevation, balance and control, strength, placement and line)

·       Ability to perceive and respond to rhythmic patterns, musical phrasing and timing

·       Movement memory

·       Capacity to pick up dance material

·       Spatial awareness

·       Response to feedback given in class

Performance qualities and skills

·       Expressiveness / understanding of movement qualities / sense of style

·       Presence / projection / focus

·       Readiness to engage in the material and to respond to performance aspects emphasised

·       Capacity to sustain concentration


  • Imaginative response to tasks and the ability to develop ideas through movement
  • Able to take risks when working creatively; questioning and curious

Approach to working in dance

  • Ability to stay on task /concentrate /focus
  • Tenacity
  • Engagement in all aspects of dance activities
  • Ability to reflect on personal practice
  • Openness to change
  • Capacity to work in co-operation with others (where group task is set)
  • Response to feedback
  • Interest in dance activities / performing / watching dance