CAT Alumni Achieve Success #3

CAT Alumni Achieve Success #3

We've been finding out what some of our CAT alumni have been getting up to since graduating... in this news article you can learn all about ex-CAT student Tammy Tsang's success.
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Tammy Tsang: "My U.Dance journey started when tutors from the CAT scheme introduced us to the choreographic project “Xzibit” and encouraged us to take part in; so I took a chance to dance for other young creatives and later decided to choreograph a piece myself. It was quite a challenge choreographing a duet for the first time but it was worth all the hard work. It really is a valuable experience, to have brilliant mentors and guest artists delivering workshops.

Xzibit was part of the U.Dance framework for the first time which means a piece of choreography amongst all the young creatives would be selected to perform in MY Dance. A couple of weeks after our performance it was announced that my piece was selected, not only to perform in MY Dance (Midlands) but also at U.Dance National festival! I also had the opportunity to perform in Routes (Dance4) and was awarded the Young Creatives Award (Dance category) which was a really great honour. In July, my two dancers and I went to U.Dance Salford and performed on the Lowry stage, I could not of been happier and I am so proud of them. It was my first time to be a part of U.Dance nationals and to see so much talent and great choreography in Salford was really inspiring to me. It was truly the best experience I have so far as a choreographer and performer, and one that I treasure dearly.

I have been taking dance classes since I was about 5, but all I ever knew about dance was ballet. An examiner suggested that I should audition for the CAT scheme when I had my GCSE dance exam, so I did. I was fortunate enough to get in and train as part of the Dance4 CAT scheme and this is where I started to learn about contemporary dance. The great thing about training here is that we have great tutors delivering technique classes and artists who deliver creative workshops which really opened my mind to different ideas in choreography and performance. We were also exposed to a variety of professional dance works, whether it’s long running repertoires or recent experimental works. The tutors are so supportive and encouraging and it’s a really nice place to learn and create. Plus, it is such a pleasure to dance with all my talented peers.

All these experiences have definitely built me up technically and choreographically, which are very beneficial to my development as a dance artist."

Tammy is now studying at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

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