Life at Northern School of Contemporary Dance By Alice Shepperson

This is my first blogging experience, so bare with me....

For anyone who is auditioning for a Dance Conservatoire /School, debating whether to audition or even just want to know more about life as a dance student: then read on.

I was a student at Dance4 CAT for 3 years and successfully auditioned at Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD). I moved in to my new house a week before commencing at the school, and it was strange having to cook, clean and generally look after myself.  However, when you have to do that 24/7 you get use do to it pretty quickly. Cooking, wasn’t particularly hard because I had made a food timetable which planned out a general idea of what I will be having each night (I would recommend doing this), so shopping wasn’t too stressful and I knew whether I was getting the right intake of meat, vegetables, etc. So far I have stuck to it pretty well.

The first week at NSCD was very busy, but there was a variety of things that happened. The first two days was just the first year and the foundation year at the school, we had a lot of talks and we were in mixed groups for dance. Then, Wednesday all years were integrated . Thursday, was ‘healthy dancer’ day where we could choose from: body conditioning, yoga, feldenkrais, massage, improvisation, contemporary, ballet etc. Friday, was then another day of talks and dancing.

After being assessed our year were put into three groups for technique; A- lower group, B-middle group, C- top group. I was put in A, then after 2 weeks I moved up to B.

I'm settling in now, with a 2 week rotation of the timetable, I have 4 ballet and 4 contemporary a week, with choreography, solo and group practice, music and critical studies once a week, physical awareness and development twice a week, and yoga or body conditioning every other week.

There is also a chance to perform or create a piece for student platform just before the end of each term, I have been asked to be in two this time. This helps with the performance element before we begin working on a piece for our course.

So that’s it so far that I can think of, I’ll try and update every week so stay tuned.

Alice Shepperson