2012 at Dance4CAT

A little insight and summary of 2012 at Dance4CAT.

This is the final Dance4CAT blog of 2012, a summary of a wonderful year and the things we have done in it. As a CAT student part way through my second year of CAT, I wanted to give you a small insight into a few of the many incredible things that take place in the studios every week. Every week or couple of weeks we have a visiting artist that gives us a taste of what is expected of a professional dancer, physically, mentally and intellectually. To name a few: Pete Shenton, Gary Clarke, Caroline Bowditch, Lisa Spackman, Stuart Waters, Colette Sadler, Gabriele Reuter, Nathan French, Lucy Cash (a dance artist and filmmaker), Duncan Whitley (who was actually a sound artist) and more. Each specialise in their own style of dance, ranging from break dancing to dancing for the disabled, which they bring to us students, they rely on us being open-minded, co-operative, and ready for a challenge. They are such an important part of our training, and on behalf of the CAT student body, I would like to thank all of these inspirational individuals for sharing their expertise with us.

We also have our tutors who we work with every week. They help us with our problems and stress to keep us at the top of our game. Our regular classes consist of Contemporary Technique with Hayley Arthur, Ballet with Benoit Egloff, Pilates with Louise Collinson and Creative with a visiting artist. These highly trained professionals go out of their way to bring us students the best class we could possibly ask for, and for that we are extremely grateful, thankyou very much!

This year, we have had the End of Year Summer Residency at Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham, an amazing fun-filled week that pushed us to the limit in more ways than one! An Autumn Choreographic Intensive Weekend, U.Dance in the East Midlands, theatre trips to see Danza Contemporenea de Cuba and LOL Lots of Love, a refreshing reality-based twist on dance with comedy mixed in, in my opinion, pure genius! We also had an End of Term Sharing on the 1st of December, showcasing some of the work we have done so far this academic year. Parents, friends and teachers were invited to get a feel for how CAT is run on a weekly basis. A chance to see how new students are getting on and how older students are improving. Unfortunately, Benoit couldn't be with us for the sharing or the weeks leading up to it, so a special thankyou to Liz Foster who stood in for Benoit and helped prepare us.

But all of the amazing activities that we have every week wouldn't happen without the incredible team behind it all! Again, on behalf of the student body of Dance4CAT, I would like to thank Becky Bailey Assistant Producer, Hayley Arthur CAT Programme Manager, Natalie Duffield-Moore CAT Assistant and Teaching Assistant, and Carla Bolstridge CAT Teaching Assistant. A special thanks also goes to Hayley Arthur's maternity cover team, Elena Zaino who took over our Contemporary Technique classes, and Becky Bailey who took over the role as CAT Programme Manager. Thank you so much to both of you, I don't know what we would have done without you!

And so 2012 is over and 2013 is here, a whole new adventure to look forward to, we'll keep you posted!

Melanie, Group 1 Dance4CAT