After four months at NSCD

I haven’t been able to update you with anything at the moment, as I’ve been so busy at NSCD. However, there has been a window opportunity to do a quick blog, before I break up this Friday for anyone interested.

The reason why I have been so busy is because I’ve got an assessment coming up this Wednesday which I have been rehearsing for over the past three weeks. This is a group choreography assessment, I am in a group of five and we had to find a two minute song for which we do a two minute dance to. This is a first assessment of many; there are technique and written assessments too.

I have also been busy rehearsing for a performance this Monday night, for what NSCD call: Platform.  This is for any students who want to showcase their choreographic ideas, and any dancers can be chosen for their pieces. This is a great chance to perform, before any performance assessments come up.

After being at NSCD for four months I have gained a lot of knowledge about how to deal with my own body and my own needs as a dancer. I have had feedback interviews with my technique teachers, which is helpful before the end of term so then you can reflect over the holidays. I have also been given the written assignment: we create our own question so it is individual for each student.

Even though it seems a lot has happened within a short period of time, the process in which I have been fed the information has been slow and steady, so mentally I don’t feel too pressured into the assessment, the written work or the performances.

I shall blog after Christmas to add any other details I may have forgotten.

Alice Shepperson.