CAT snow trouble solution!

Last week at CAT we had some issues with the snow, read on to find out how we used our creative initiative to deal with them!

Last week at Dance4CAT, we had some snow troubles. As some of the students are from a fair distance away, it was too difficult to make it in the harsh conditions, so we combined the half of Group 1 that made it, and the half of Group 2. We had a joint Pilates class as Liz couldn't make it for Ballet, then we had a 2 hour Technique/Creative class with Dave from Retina Dance Company that thoroughly challenged us. It was a fun, motivating and different class mainly for the older students who are now auditioning for further dance education. We also learnt a particularly catchy phrase that personally I found both expressive and extremely exausting! We finished early at half past 2 as Stuart Waters (our Visiting Creative Tutor) also couldn't make it due to the heavy snowfall. We will hopefully be having a normal day tomorrow at CAT if the weather decides to behave itself (most likely not, this is England!), but rest assured that whatever the weather, the show must go on! I'll keep you updated.

Melanie Oldale, Group 1.