Physiotherapy At NSCD

An insight into Physiotherapy at NSCD

I thought it would be good to give you an insight into how an injured student would go about getting physiotherapy or osteopathy.

I’m in my second week back at NSCD, and within the first week I had niggles in my back and leg. For a quick solution I chose to go to the osteopathy at Northern, which is based at The Good Health Centre in Leeds, but they have a room in studio 8 (underneath the church). They are there pretty much most days and even Saturday. I booked an appointment and was offered one for the same day, so the response is quick if you have an injury you need to attend to urgently.

There is also the Physio which is based in Leeds and is available every day, I assume. This is the same for the Leeds Student Medical Centre, which is also classed as a doctors for people in Leeds. There is also a link with massage therapy and there is a class once a week called Injury Support Clinic. This class changes time and day every week depending on which teacher takes it.

So there are many ways and links with NSCD to deal with your injury, how big or small.

Alice Shepperson