Rehearsal Period, Opportunities and NET Night

NSCD has many links and opportunuities, I have decided to write about some of my experiences.

I am now in the rehearsal stage of my course, which consists of one class a day leaving the rest of the day for rehearsing. However, we don’t rehearse on Friday; instead we have workshops or Power of Ten (nerve mobility exercises). Our year is split into two groups: Angus Balbernie is my group choreographer and the Shirley Jacobs is choreographing the other group. We both have two nights to perform our piece at the end of March.

As well as rehearsing for our year performance, I also have a performance with Mad Dogs Theatre Company in May and a hair show that is basically four nights of performing a dance so I can show off my new hairstyle. So there are always extra opportunities to perform or take part in workshops.

I took the advantage of doing a Mad Dogs Theatre intensive in my half term break, which was also an audition for Curtain Raiser in their May performance. The intensive was a good insight into Mad Dogs’ style of dance, and a chance to perform with their company.

The hair show was advertised on Facebook by a second year who did it previously, and after a brief and informal meeting I was then chosen to be in the ‘Vogue’ group. We have the chance to create our own material for this performance, which can widen our creative abilities.

There are always workshops and intensives around Leeds as well as at NSCD, I took part in a James Wilton workshop in January at Yorkshire Dance. Yorkshire Dance always have performances and workshops that are available and affordable, especially for students.

NET Night is organised by students and staff for NSCD students to experience workshops and installations from new and old artists. It also gives NSCD students a chance to link with other students and artists, that are either dancers, musicians etc.

I think what I have realised is that you need to find the best experiences that can help link you with performances and opening yourself out to the dance world quickly. So that your face is recognised before you even graduate.

Alice Shepperson