CAT Autumn creative Intensive 2012

CAT Autumn creative Intensive 2012

CAT had a great weekend working with Gabbi and Nathan as apart of their Autumn term Creative Intensive.

The two artists worked very differently, Gabbi encouraged the students to explore the space around them by creating a safe space lead by elements of improvisation. During the workshop students came across a sense of play while exploring the space and working with fellow CAT's.

On the other hand, Nathan worked with the students with a more physical approach creating material that used both contact work and alot of upper body strength. 

Both artists allowed students to explore in a practice that needed alot of thought, concentration and focus and the students delivered in all areas. Quotes from the weekend include;

" Gabi was fun and creative"

"It was very refreshing and different and it challenged me both physically and mentally"

"Both artists were friendly, helpful and approachable. They both have brilliant and different ways of working and looking at dance"

CAT had a fantastic time, thank you Gabbi and Nathan for visiting us at Dance4 CAT.

Please comment and add your thoughts about the weekend below...anything goes!